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About UsThe happiest employees work here.

Keeping our employees happy and motivated is what we do— and we do it well. We appreciate talent, and whether for Oorah or Kars4Kids, you know your skills will be put to good use.

Come work in a professional work environment, with a bit of fun and quirkiness thrown in to keep things exciting!

Want a rewarding and stimulating career? You’ll get that at Oorah and Kars4Kids, plus even more.

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Life at OorahIt’s the perks that make a difference.

Full training

Whether you’re just getting started or have lots of experience, we’ll provide the support and training you need.

Great Vibes

A pleasant work atmosphere makes all the difference, and at Oorah and Kars4Kids, we make sure the mood is always upbeat.

Amazing Coworkers

From the CEO to managers and employees, everyone is friendly and caring. And most of all, everyone is valued.

Onsite Daycare

Our professional, CHS approved, onsite daycare consists of warm and dedicated Morahs. You can rest— or rather work— easy.

Beautiful Offices

Lots of glass and an open floor plan leads to creativity, collaboration and some friendly schmoozing too.

Daily Lunches

It’s our claim to fame for a reason. Full cafeteria-style hot lunches keep you feeling good and working better.

Awesome Culture

Our extracurricular program makes every day exciting. You never know what’s coming up next!

Competitive Salary

Some say money isn’t everything. But don’t worry, we’ll make sure you’re nicely compensated.

Lots of Growth

We never stop growing. Whether you’re working in Kars4Kids Kars4Kids Operations, as a TorahMates Coordinator, or anything in between, you’ll be growing too.

I love coming to work everyday, I love what I do. There's a mission here, I'm doing something for Klal Yisrael- Bina Zahner, Camp Office