What is it like to work at Oorah?

I love working in Oorah’s Customer Service Department! It’s a fast paced friendly environment with plenty of room for growth. I am currently part of their Sales Team. My job is never boring, as it primarily involves conversing on the phone with people from all walks of life, across the U.S. and Canada. Daily lunch breaks are a most enjoyable time, with complimentary hot lunches served in the cafeteria, accompanied by friendly animated conversation. Incentives and contests are often instituted to help keep our adrenaline pumping during the busiest seasons. I have currently been working here almost 9 years and I’ve enjoyed every minute of it!”

– Mrs. Rivky Levy, Sales Representative

I started as a customer service representative. I gained tons of experience in such a short time, I moved up very quickly and I’m now in the operations department. You get to work on many different projects which builds your skills in many areas.”

– Yosef Flohr, Quality Control

My coworkers at Oorah are so friendly; the atmosphere is upbeat, and the work fulfilling.
A good work environment makes all the difference between an okay kind of job and a job that you love. I’m glad to say I love coming to work each day!”

– E.Z., Marketing Development