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Looking for a user-centered, innovative web designer to join our fast-paced online marketing team, working on a diverse portfolio of cutting-edge websites, apps and programs. You’ll use your creative and analytical skills to translate concepts into intuitive digital products, collaborating with team members to convert amorphous visions into viable and elegant designs. Knowledge of responsive web design a must; front-end frameworks such as Bootstrap a plus. You should be proficient in CSS, HTML and Dreamweaver and familiar with jquery and Photoshop. Experience necessary. Full-time position. Please submit a portfolio with your resume. Apply Now

A moment with A Veteran Web Designer

RR, a web designer who has been with us for over 15 years, shares her experience working at Oorah/Kars4kids:

(K4K) What kind of websites do you design?
(RR) I create websites and landing pages for new Kars4Kids campaigns and work on making changes and tweaking websites that are already in existence. One recent fun example is this site I designed for a campaign we launched this summer: kars4kids.org/drive-human. It has a lot of interactive elements so it was fun to bring all the components together. Things are always being adjusted based on A/B testing and analytics.

(K4K) What goes on behind the scenes of the websites we visit online?
(RR) There’s a lot of planning that goes into it – how it’ll look and what we want to include. I interact with different departments in the organization to understand their needs and what we’re trying to convey on the site. I also get input from the marketing department on the psychology of color and placement, the call to action, etc. It’s really important to make sure it makes sense from the users’ point of view, both the user interface, and the user experience.
Once I design the site, I test it out on all different devices to confirm that it looks good on everything, not just on a desktop. We have an increasing number of mobile visitors and we want them to have the same positive and easy user experience, too.

(K4K) Why do you enjoy working for Oorah/Kars4Kids?
(RR) Because it’s a big organization, the sites I work on are seen by thousands and that gives me an accomplishing feeling.
Also, at Oorah there isn’t just room for growth, there’s time for it, too. We’re encouraged to stay updated on the latest trends and new techniques, which is to my benefit because I gain a lot of new skills as I’m working. Whatever knowledge you come in with, you’ll come out with a whole lot more!


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