Daycare Morahs and Babysitters

Looking for warm dedicated morahs and babysitters. Small groups in a friendly work environment and great pay. Call 732-730-1000 ext. 124.

A moment with: Oorah’s Daycare Manager
Mrs. Chana Roth shares what working for Oorah’s daycare is all about.

(O) What’s the Oorah daycare like?
(CR) The Oorah daycare is housed in a gorgeous facility. It’s clean, spacious and up-to-date. The classrooms are well-stocked with new toys and are organized and smoothly run. We have a low child-to-caregiver ratio, so the job is very enjoyable.

(O) What about the other morahs?
(CR) They’re all very friendly; it’s a great place to work! Because it’s a family-centered daycare and all the kids’ parents work at Oorah, we all care about each other. With a supportive environment and good communication, it’s a fun place to work. It’s a social place, too; there’s lots of adult company and conversation.

(O) What daycare positions are available?
(CR) Because our daycare caters to Oorah’s staff, we’re always growing and expanding throughout the year and hiring to meet our needs. There are various positions open, both full-time and part-time, for all age children. At the Oorah daycare you’re sure to find your place!

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