Video Editor & Producer

Full-time position available for a mid-level video editor & producer to join our multimedia team in our Lakewood office. Proficiency in Adobe Premiere or similar video editing software a must. Experience in the field a big plus. Exciting opportunity to work on a wide range of video productions and watch your work make it big in the real world. Send resume and samples to

A moment with Our Video Producer/Director

Yocheved Zelishovsky, Video producer and director, tells us what it’s like to work for Oorah:

(K4K) Why do Oorah and Kars4Kids produce videos?
(YZ) Video serves as an engagement trigger—it encourages people to interact with our content. We’re not a film or entertainment company, but today, video works. It’s great for articulating what an organization does, while also a smart way to emphasize a call-to-action. In addition, video is a great tool to making incredible, touching and personal stories about our organization giving us a way to illustrate the types of people or situations where our programs are making an impact.

(K4K) How do you get ideas for your videos?
(YZ) We begin by coming up with an interesting concept. Sometimes it’s a creative inspiration, sometimes we follow trends to figure out the science of why a video went viral. Coming up with the idea is the easy part! The real work starts when we begin planning, which is so much more than what you see! There’s casting our models, setting up the location and props, and everything that goes into a video production. The more we plan the smoother the actual shooting day will be.

(K4K) What happens next?
(YZ) After shooting the video, it’s up to the creative stage; editing! Editing a video and turning raw footage into a compelling piece can take anywhere from 1 day to 2 weeks. Anyone who’s a video editor can understand this! 10 hours can feel like 20 minutes when in the middle of an exciting project. There’s always something going on in the multimedia department.


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