Rebbetzins Program Coordinator

Do you want a full-time job helping people get married?! The Rebbetzins Program wants YOU!
Strong administrative, communication, and interpersonal skills needed. Must have extensive social media and computer experience and abilities. If you’ve got those skills and you can plan, coordinate, arrange, and oversee technical details and logistics, this is the job for you!  This is a Lakewood-based position.

A moment with Oorah’s Rebbetzins Network Director

Mrs. Raizelle Serebrowski, Rebbetzins Network Director, shares what the Rebbetzins program is all about:

(O) The Rebbetzins Network is a unique program, what’s it all about?
(BT) The Rebbetzins program helps singles with baal teshuva backgrounds throughout the entire shidduch process. Shidduchim is hard enough to navigate; when someone is unfamiliar with all the nuances in shidduchim, it’s even harder. We have dozens of volunteer shadchanim and, as of today, 736 singles. Our program is about helping them through the process. B”H over 733 individuals who have been helped through the Rebbetzins program have since gotten engaged. Our mentors and dating coaches have given them, and continue to give, chizuk to those in the parshah.

(O) What does the actual job entail?
(BT) The job is all about coordinating and maintaining relationships between singles and shadchanim. It’s a lot of facilitating and ensuring that everything’s running smoothly; generally making great things happen! There are periodic on-the-field interactions through our annual retreat and shidduch events throughout the year. The best part is working behind the scenes for a great cause!

(O) What do you think about the shidduch crisis- do you feel its effects on the Rebbetzins program?
(BT) I knew that would be coming! I’ve certainly met more girls than boys and our database shows it. That being said, dating isn’t a superficial process. It’s about marriage and building a home together. I think that if every single person (pun intended) is invested in getting married and has the right mindset, there won’t be any “crisis”.

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