Online Marketing (PPC)

Seeking highly analytical & creative, mathematical & web-savvy, motivated individual to join our fast-paced online marketing team. We will train you for this cutting-edge position. Programming background or knowledge is a plus. Warm, friendly work environment – full-time, Lakewood-based position. Apply Now

A moment with our PPC Account Manager

Penina S, one of Oorah/Kars4Kids’ PPC Account Managers, gives a sneak peek into what her job is all about:

(K4K) First things first, what do you actually do?
(PS) I’m part of the PPC department; we take care of Pay Per Click online advertising. We create ad campaigns based off how people use Google and other search engines. There’s a lot of analyzing and making reports based off the campaigns we set up. We also make sure to stay on top of this dynamic industry; with technology, things keep changing.

(K4K) What’s unique about PPC that makes it different than any old office job?
(PS) It’s cool and you get to work with Google! We see the exact words that people search for. We can tell if someone used a mobile device or a computer. We can even tell if people used Google voice; I’ll see that they said “Okay Google try Kars4kids” for example, instead of just searching for Kars4kids.
Another great thing about the job is that we have leeway to make decisions about campaigns. We analyze results and can decide what to work on at any given time to improve an ad.

(K4K) What’s the ultimate goal of PPC?
(PS) We try to get as many car donations for Kars4Kids for the least amount of money. It’s amazing to see how if I make a small change in one of our ad campaigns, percentages could be that much higher. The work I do affects the amount of car donations we get, so it can be really fulfilling!


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