Database Administrator

Seeking Database Administrator with experience with MSSQL server. Strong command of SQL and Windows SServer. Postgresql and familiarity with multi-site deployment a plus.


Software Engineer

Seeking mid-level software engineer.  Candidate should have intermediate-level experience with SQL and MS SQL server and a strong command of an object-oriented language.  Java experience preferred. Familiarity with CI & CD a plus. Minimum of 3 years’ experience required. This is a Lakewood-based position.

Reporter/PR writer

Seeking reporter/PR writer to embrace and advance the PR angle of our organization. With a strong internal drive and initiative, you will pursue and develop stories to completion, including comprehensive research and interviews. Proactive and energetic, with a positive, go-getter attitude, you will keep the pulse of current events and trends, thriving at the center of action. An out-of-the-box thinker, you can capitalize on every story and event, adapting them to a range of current media forms, both online and off. You love a challenge and aspire to spearhead national PR campaigns, including press responses and narrative development. This is a Lakewood-based position.


We are looking for a highly skilled, results-oriented attorney to join our growing legal team as an Associate General Counsel in Lakewood, NJ.  The qualified individual should have significant corporate legal experience at a regionally (or nationally) recognized law firm or in-house corporate legal department.

Responsibilities will include: providing legal advice and counsel to executives and management regarding complex transactions, litigations and regulatory and compliance matters, tax and accounting issues; and preparing contracts and legal memoranda.

The individual should have excellent presentation and writing skills, the ability to quickly master complex legal and regulatory issues, and to work effectively across business functions in a matrixed organization.


  • J.D. degree or its equivalent from an accredited law school and licensed to practice law in the United States
  • Four (4) years minimum experience in a law firm or corporate law department, or combination of the above.
  • Effective legal research and writing skills
  • Strong communication, interpersonal and presentation skills
  • Ability to manage multiple complex matters simultaneously
  • Sound judgment and decision making skills
  • Ability to collaborate as an effective member of the team
  • Excellent work product and attention to detail
  • Litigation experience and skills a plus
  • Relocation to Lakewood is required for this position.

A moment with One of Our In-House Lawyers

Ben Turin, General Counsel, shares what it’s like to work in Oorah’s legal department:

(O) What kind of cases do you work on?
(BT) Our department works on many diverse projects! These include business transactions, litigation matters, regulatory compliance and tax research.

(O) How does the legal team work?
(BT) Our attorneys work on certain projects on their own, but in most cases we interface extensively with other team members at Oorah. We also seek advice from outside counsel when we need assistance with a particular specialized area of the law.

(O) What’s it like to work for Oorah?
(BT) It’s a great environment! It’s great for work-life balance, which can be especially challenging for lawyers who often have to travel to the city. It’s the perfect opportunity for someone who is looking for an intellectually challenging work environment, but wants to remain closer to home, both literally and figuratively.


Online Marketing (PPC)

Seeking highly analytical & creative, mathematical & web-savvy, motivated individual to join our fast-paced online marketing team. We will train you for this cutting-edge position. Programming background or knowledge is a plus. Warm, friendly work environment – full-time, Lakewood-based position. Apply Now

A moment with our PPC Account Manager

Penina S, one of Oorah/Kars4Kids’ PPC Account Managers, gives a sneak peek into what her job is all about:

(K4K) First things first, what do you actually do?
(PS) I’m part of the PPC department; we take care of Pay Per Click online advertising. We create ad campaigns based off how people use Google and other search engines. There’s a lot of analyzing and making reports based off the campaigns we set up. We also make sure to stay on top of this dynamic industry; with technology, things keep changing.

(K4K) What’s unique about PPC that makes it different than any old office job?
(PS) It’s cool and you get to work with Google! We see the exact words that people search for. We can tell if someone used a mobile device or a computer. We can even tell if people used Google voice; I’ll see that they said “Okay Google try Kars4kids” for example, instead of just searching for Kars4kids.
Another great thing about the job is that we have leeway to make decisions about campaigns. We analyze results and can decide what to work on at any given time to improve an ad.

(K4K) What’s the ultimate goal of PPC?
(PS) We try to get as many car donations for Kars4Kids for the least amount of money. It’s amazing to see how if I make a small change in one of our ad campaigns, percentages could be that much higher. The work I do affects the amount of car donations we get, so it can be really fulfilling!


Daycare Morahs and Babysitters

Looking for warm, experienced and dedicated morahs for September 2017. Small group. Full-time, friendly work environment, great pay. Call 732-730-1000 ext 296.

Legal Assistant

Seeking a motivated individual to work in a dynamic legal department. Perfect position for a law school candidate. Challenging work environment with exposure to a wide variety of legal matters. Prior experience a plus. This is a Lakewood-based position.


Inbound Sales

Seeking a results-oriented, people-person for a stimulating, fast-paced office position. Excellent phone and computer skills needed. Full-time position.




After School Clubs Morah

Morah needed for after school clubs from 3:00 – 5:00 PM. Friendly work environment and great pay. Call 732-730-1000 ext. 296 or e-mail

Rebbetzins Program Coordinator

Do you want a full-time job helping people get married?! The Rebbetzins Program wants YOU!
Strong administrative, communication, and interpersonal skills needed. Must have extensive social media and computer experience and abilities. If you’ve got those skills and you can plan, coordinate, arrange, and oversee technical details and logistics, this is the job for you!  This is a Lakewood-based position.

A moment with Oorah’s Rebbetzins Network Director

Mrs. Raizelle Serebrowski, Rebbetzins Network Director, shares what the Rebbetzins program is all about:

(O) The Rebbetzins Network is a unique program, what’s it all about?
(BT) The Rebbetzins program helps singles with baal teshuva backgrounds throughout the entire shidduch process. Shidduchim is hard enough to navigate; when someone is unfamiliar with all the nuances in shidduchim, it’s even harder. We have dozens of volunteer shadchanim and, as of today, 736 singles. Our program is about helping them through the process. B”H over 733 individuals who have been helped through the Rebbetzins program have since gotten engaged. Our mentors and dating coaches have given them, and continue to give, chizuk to those in the parshah.

(O) What does the actual job entail?
(BT) The job is all about coordinating and maintaining relationships between singles and shadchanim. It’s a lot of facilitating and ensuring that everything’s running smoothly; generally making great things happen! There are periodic on-the-field interactions through our annual retreat and shidduch events throughout the year. The best part is working behind the scenes for a great cause!

(O) What do you think about the shidduch crisis- do you feel its effects on the Rebbetzins program?
(BT) I knew that would be coming! I’ve certainly met more girls than boys and our database shows it. That being said, dating isn’t a superficial process. It’s about marriage and building a home together. I think that if every single person (pun intended) is invested in getting married and has the right mindset, there won’t be any “crisis”.

Women’s TorahMates Coordinator

Be part of a movement that is changing Klal Yisrael! Oorah’s Torah Mates program is seeking a dynamic person to join our kiruv team. You will lead hundreds of TorahMates volunteers, guiding them in facilitating the growth of their learning partnership and encouraging TorahMates to participate in the full spectrum of Oorah programs. Full-time position.  Afternoon and evening hours preferred. This is a Lakewood-based position.