Print Center, Mailroom & Office Manager

Seeking office manager to oversee our copy and print center, mailroom, supplies, and augment our maintenance department. Candidate should be mechanically inclined, computer literate, and very detail-orientated.

Full-time, Lakewood, NJ position.

Video Producer

Seeking creative go-getter to join our talented, fast-paced multimedia team creating a wide variety of video productions. The job may entail all aspects of media production, from concept development to camerawork to editing. You must be able to take initiative and see projects through. Videography skills and experience in Adobe Premiere or similar software required.

Full-time, Lakewood, NJ based position.

Send resume and samples of your work to


Seeking Controller with extensive experience managing a team and departmental workflow. The ideal candidate should have strong communication skills and in-depth knowledge of budgeting, taxes, not-for-profit accounting, and payroll.
This is a full-time, Lakewood, NJ based position and relocation is required. Salary is commensurate with experience.

A moment with: Mrs. Zakah Glaser, HR Manager
Mrs. Glaser shares what the Controller job is all about.

(O) Please tell us about the Controller.
(ZG) Our organization is dynamic and the depth and breadth of our financial department is vast. The Controller manages not only this department but also oversees the finances for the myriad departments encompassing our organization.

(O) What kind of experience and qualities does the Controller need?
(ZG) Extensive experience with budgeting, taxes, payroll, and accounting are required for this position. In addition to mastery of finances, management experience is crucial, as the Controller supervises the bookkeeping department. The Controller should have the ability to work well with a team, direct workflow, and interact with other departments within Oorah as well as entities outside of Oorah.

(O) What’s the benefit of working as a Controller for Oorah?
(ZG) Oorah is a great place to transition from a corporate career. The Controller position at Oorah is an incredibly stimulating and challenging high-level position, yet the work environment is pleasant. The work-life balance here is rare for an executive position. Oorah’s cause and mission greatly influence the company culture. In addition, the amenities of Lakewood are a big draw for many people.

This is truly a unique opportunity. If you want to do good and make a difference in the Jewish world, working at Oorah is perfect for you!


Seeking a quick-learning bookkeeper who takes initiative.  Knowledge of Quickbooks and Excel is a plus. Training will be provided. Lots of growth potential!

Full-time, Lakewood-based position. Hours are 9 am – 5 pm.

A moment with: An Oorah Bookkeeper
P.W. shares what it’s like to work as an Oorah bookkeeper.

(O) What does the bookkeeping department deal with?
(PW) Bookkeeping is a behind-the-scenes job that works closely with every part of our multi-faceted organization.  We deal with the incoming and outgoing funds and donations that enable the running of a huge kiruv and non-profit organization. We take care of accounts receivable, accounts payable, credit card payments, bank reconciliations, audits, payroll, and so much more.

(O) So you get to see the bottom line?
(PW) It’s one of the perks of the job! And if people think Oorah is just about Fiveish, they have never seen what the tuition assistance bank statements or the camp expenses or Yom Tov package or event costs look like or anything else! Oorah does an incredible amount for so many people, and it’s amazing to see the numbers in black and white.  But you don’t have to be a bookkeeper at Oorah to see that impact – all you have to do is see the smiles on the faces of the families whose lives have been touched deeply by Oorah!

Database Administrator

Seeking Database Administrator with experience with MSSQL server. Strong command of SQL and Windows SServer. Postgresql and familiarity with multi-site deployment a plus.

Full-time, Lakewood-based position.


Reporter/PR Writer

Seeking reporter/PR writer to embrace and advance the PR angle of our organization. With a strong internal drive and initiative, you will pursue and develop stories to completion, including comprehensive research and interviews. Proactive and energetic, with a positive, go-getter attitude, you will keep the pulse of current events and trends, thriving at the center of action. An out-of-the-box thinker, you can capitalize on every story and event, adapting them to a range of current media forms, both online and off. You love a challenge and aspire to spearhead national PR campaigns, including press responses and narrative development. Must be able to attend Oorah’s events at the Zone in upstate NY.

Full-time, Lakewood-based office position.

Senior Attorney

Seeking a senior attorney to join our growing, sophisticated legal team. The qualified individual should have a minimum of 6 years’ experience at a regionally or nationally recognized law firm or in-house corporate legal department.

Responsibilities include preparing agreements and providing legal counsel to management regarding complex transactions, litigations, regulatory and compliance matters, tax and accounting issues.

The position is Lakewood-based and relocation is required.

A moment with One of Our In-House Lawyers

Ben Turin, General Counsel, shares what it’s like to work in Oorah’s legal department:

(O) What kind of cases do you work on?
(BT) Our department works on many diverse projects! These include business transactions, litigation matters, regulatory compliance and tax research.

(O) How does the legal team work?
(BT) Our attorneys work on certain projects on their own, but in most cases we interface extensively with other team members at Oorah. We also seek advice from outside counsel when we need assistance with a particular specialized area of the law.

(O) What’s it like to work for Oorah?
(BT) It’s a great environment! It’s great for work-life balance, which can be especially challenging for lawyers who often have to travel to the city. It’s the perfect opportunity for someone who is looking for an intellectually challenging work environment, but wants to remain closer to home, both literally and figuratively.


Commercial Baker

Seeking full-time experienced commercial baker for mid-June through the end of August to work in our upstate New York facility. Must have experience with large-volume baking, including breads, cakes, pastries, etc. Our camp services over 1000 kids & staff. Fully equipped, state-of-the-art bakery.
Contact or call 908-770-4599.

Daycare Morahs and Babysitters

Looking for warm dedicated morahs and babysitters. Small groups in a friendly work environment and great pay. Call 732-730-1000 ext. 124.

A moment with: Oorah’s Daycare Manager
Mrs. Chana Roth shares what working for Oorah’s daycare is all about.

(O) What’s the Oorah daycare like?
(CR) The Oorah daycare is housed in a gorgeous facility. It’s clean, spacious and up-to-date. The classrooms are well-stocked with new toys and are organized and smoothly run. We have a low child-to-caregiver ratio, so the job is very enjoyable.

(O) What about the other morahs?
(CR) They’re all very friendly; it’s a great place to work! Because it’s a family-centered daycare and all the kids’ parents work at Oorah, we all care about each other. With a supportive environment and good communication, it’s a fun place to work. It’s a social place, too; there’s lots of adult company and conversation.

(O) What daycare positions are available?
(CR) Because our daycare caters to Oorah’s staff, we’re always growing and expanding throughout the year and hiring to meet our needs. There are various positions open, both full-time and part-time, for all age children. At the Oorah daycare you’re sure to find your place!

Inbound Sales

Seeking a results-oriented, people-person for a stimulating, fast-paced office position. Excellent phone and computer skills needed.   Now hiring in Lakewood, NJ, Los Angeles, Arizona, Dallas, Denver, Toronto, Montreal, and Israel.  Full-time position.

A moment with: An Inbound Sales Representative
MW shares his experience on the Kars4Kids sales team:

(K4K) What’s the inbound sales position all about?
(MW) We’re the face of the company.  But our job isn’t just about answering questions and providing information. The goal is to get donations, so there are a lot of sales techniques involved.  Marketing can make the phones ring but we have to use our expertise to turn the calls into donations. Excellent phone skills, great communication abilities, and a motivated personality is important. Aside from that, full training is provided.

(K4K) Can you tell me a bit more about the training?
(MW) The training program at Kars4Kids is top notch. We teach many different sales techniques – for example, the importance of a confident and upbeat tone of voice. We teach how to effectively retain control of the call from beginning to end and how to motivate undecided donors to donate. We use a lot of resources to bring out our employees’ full talents.

(K4K) What do you like most about your job?
(MW) I see how hard Oorah works to make sure every employee can grow into the best possible position for them. Every manager shows dedication and they’re always there to back you. There’s always someone to ask if you have any questions, and there’s never feeling stuck or frustrated. They care and want you to succeed.



After-School Clubs Morah

Morah needed for after-school clubs from 3:00 – 5:00 PM. Friendly work environment and great pay. Call 732-730-1000 ext. 124 or upload resume.

Women’s TorahMates Coordinator

Be part of a movement that is changing Klal Yisrael!

Oorah’s TorahMates program is seeking a dynamic person to facilitate learning partnerships and encourage participants to take part in the full spectrum of Oorah programs. The ideal candidate has exceptional communication skills and is highly computer proficient.

This is a full-time position that requires dedicated afternoon and evening hours Sunday – Thursday.

A moment with: An Oorah TorahMates Coordinator
Chani S. shares what it’s like to be a TorahMates coordinator:

(O) What does your job entail?
(CS) The TorahMates Coordinators partner up TorahMates and make sure their learning is running smoothly. We have over 5,000 TorahMates in our program, and we’re constantly getting more. We talk to and get to know every TorahMate to match up their personalities with someone who would be the right fit for them. Age, the subject they’d like to learn, and their schedules are all taken into account. It’s like being a shadchan for learning partners!  We also spend a lot of time following up with the partners to make sure the learning is going well from all angles.

(O) What kind of person do you have to be to work in the kiruv field?
(CS) Anyone can work in kiruv if they’re friendly and nonjudgmental. Kiruv is really just about being yourself. Living by example and being a role model is the best way to inspire others.

(O) What’s your favorite part of the job?
(CS) Meeting such amazing people! I love getting to know such special individuals from a variety of backgrounds who all want to learn and grow! It’s such a fulfilling job; we help so many people connect more to Yiddishkeit. It’s a huge inspiration for me to see what a difference our TorahMates are making and how everyone, both the volunteers and their partners, is growing. Being a TorahMates coordinator is more than a job; it’s a mission.


In search of a motivated, passionate programmer who is quick to learn and eager to join a growing team in a fast-paced environment.  Knowledge of, SQL, MS SQL preferred. Familiarity with CI, CD, a plus.  Knowledge of Java required.

Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science or similar industry required.

Full-time, Lakewood-based position.

SEO/Online Marketing

Seeking resourceful and knowledgeable SEO practitioner to join our professional, cutting-edge online marketing team. The right candidate will have strong communication skills and be an ambitious self-starter with a can-do attitude and the ability to get things done. Must be skilled in current SEO best practices.  Full-time position.